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Bowen Therapy


One hour treatment for just £20 (normal rate - £30).  Offer valid until end of June.  Quote 'Stressed Bunny' when booking!

If you are suffering from pain, a chronic condition, a sports injury or just feeling stressed out, perhaps it's time for you to try a therapy which you may not have heard of, but which is justifiably becoming more widely known across the globe.  The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy which is so gentle that it can be used on new-born babies, the elderly and the terminally ill, and yet it is so powerful that sports clubs are now using it to enhance players' performance and help prevent sports injuries. 

Many people try it as a last-ditch attempt when all else has failed, and then wish they'd turned to Bowen in the first place!  To find out more about this remarkable therapy, click on the Bowen Technique and FAQs links above.

Bowen Technique is covered by some insurance companies, so check your policy to see if you can claim.


Penny Brohn UK, Ham Green
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 Work-related tension
"I use computers a lot and subsequently suffer from stiffness & tension in the neck and shoulders. I found the Bowen treatment relieved this.  I expected the stiffness to return between treatments - however this hasn't happened"
IT Consultant, 33

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
"I'm not wearing my magnetic bracelet anymore! The tingling and pain has gone completely and not returned. I didn't think Bowen would make any difference"
Housewife, 45

 Sports performance
"I've noticed a lot better range of movement in my hamstrings. I would recommend the Bowen treatment to anyone"
Amateur sportsman, 23

 Shoulder pain
"My shoulder has been totally fine and back to its normal self. There was no reaction after the last session but it has been pain free and fully mobile since"
Buyer, 31

"I'm not getting so many headaches - I only had one this week, and it wasn't that bad"
Retired shop owner, 71